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Velum XL Concrete 2027


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Velum XL: lätta och halvtransparenta tyger

The Velum range of light and semi-transparent fabrics is ideal for use as netting. A must for your interior, its shifting, pearly reflections create a romantic and refined mood..

Sammansättning: 100% Sunbrella Acrylic
Bindning: Velum
Slutbehandling: Water-repellent & Stain-proof
Weight: 160 g/m²
Reversible: Ja
Värdena för denna produkt kan variera ± 5%
UV- och värmeskydd image
UV- och värmeskydd
Färgbeständig image
Kan rengöras med klor image
Kan rengöras med klor
Andningsförmåga image
Mögelresistent image
Vatten- och fläckavvisande image
Vatten- och fläckavvisande

Upptäck alla program som vi rekommenderar för det här tyget.
Gardiner image
Rullgardiner image

Dickson Constant warrants the rot-proof properties and colour fastness (7/8 minimum colour fastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and bad weather conditions, according to the NF EN ISO 105 B02 and NF EN ISO 105 B04 standards – variations in shade over time are therefore limited) of its Sunbrella indoor & outdoor furniture fabrics for 5 years (starting from the date on which the finished product is purchased).
Oeko-tex 6388 image
Oeko-tex 6388
Made in France image
Made in France
Mass dyed image
Mass dyed
Zero landfill image
Zero landfill
Greenguard image
5 års garanti image
5 års garanti

One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella® fabrics looking good is to brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics and wipe up spills or clean soon after a stain occurs. The quicker you clean spills and stains, the easier they can be to remove.
Bleaching authorized image
Bleaching authorized
Drum drying forbidden image
Drum drying forbidden
Ironing max 110° image
Ironing max 110°
Professional dry cleaning forbidden image
Professional dry cleaning forbidden
Washing 30° moderate image
Washing 30° moderate

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