Milan Design Week: Sunbrella x Liz Collins

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During Milan Design Week 2019, Sunbrella will present two separate installations connected by a central theme of ‘energy and nature’. The first will be at Galleria Rossana Orlandi and the second will be in Salone del Mobile on 9th-14th April.

Sunbrella x Liz Collins at the gallery Rossana Orlandi

Liz Collins’ installation at Galleria Rossana Orlandi, named the ‘Summit Suite’, is created using  Sunbrella’s materials and Ligne Roset’s lighting and furniture designs to reflect a bold interpretation of the ‘energy and nature’ theme. Within this installation there are three different rooms composed of static elements, that are very much alive, activating the senses, inspiring wonder and celebrating design without boundaries.

The first room within this art installation is called the ‘Mountain Room’. Inspired by the geographic feature with which it shares its name, this room uses a custom-woven Sunbrella pattern, designed by Liz Collins and shown on upholstered wall panels and on Ligne Roset’s ‘Prado’ sofa. A video piece by Lauryn Siegel entitled ‘Factory’ portrays the mesmerizing elements laid bare at Sunbrella’s mills. Every mechanized process that has made the textile elements in this space is immortalised in these videos that also bring energy to the room. Centred above the upholstered seating, a trio of woven chandeliers brings a waterfall of colour with showers of Sunbrella® cords to the ‘Mountain Room’.

The second room is the ‘Fur Room’. To highlight the trio partnership’s commitment to sustainability, Collins has transformed selvedge waste from Sunbrella’s mills into a cardboard and fabric «fur» wall-covering, lining the walls of this room. Each multi-coloured panel is unique, and the combination of the selvedge with the corrugated cardboard creates a striped and rhythmic patterning effect on the panels. Inspired in part by the ‘Memphis Group’ design vocabulary, Collins has also created a light sculpture for this room using Ligne Roset’s Asola floor lamp. Again we see the ‘Factory’ video piece.

The third room of the installation, which one must ascend a stairway to experience, is named the ‘Light Room’ and is designed to transport the visitor to the summit of the mountain. Custom stair treads lead visitors to this space where a stunning patchwork fringe rug grounds the design and brings the textural element for which Collins is renowned. An eclectic mix of Ligne Roset ottomans upholstered in Sunbrella ‘Heritage’ fabric and intricate wall art pieces by Collins engage in a dynamic dialogue with the floor elements, resulting in an exquisite combination of bold and artisanal elements, displayed in the array of light. And again we see the vermillion DITA credenza by Ligne Roset, this time low and long, anchoring the environment through bold colour and form.  

On the subject of her installation, Collins said, “Working with Sunbrella® and Ligne Roset® has been enthralling. To create a unique interior world through Sunbrella’s vast range of materials and resources and engage with new forms through Ligne Roset’s pieces, has been a tremendously rewarding process.”

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