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NEW LEASE OF LIVE - End of life?
No, new lease of life!

We implement recovery loops for manufacturing offcuts and end-of-life fabrics to reduce the impact of textile waste. Recovery, recycling and upcycling offer our textiles a new lease of life.

Since 2010, our parent company Glen Raven has been committed to collecting, sorting and recycling acrylic textile waste for its customers as part of the “Recycle my Sunbrella” programme.

To be part of this ambitious initiative, in 2023 we set up own programme, “Recycle my Dickson”, with a double focus:

1. Develop Europe-wide schemes to collect, recycle and recover acrylic textile waste from our industrial partners (recovery of manufacturing offcuts) and fitters (recovery of end-of-life textiles resulting from awning fabric replacement or boat retrofitting).

2. Form partnerships with eco-design actors to upcycle recovered textiles into eco-friendly accessories and textile items such as travel bags, tote bags, covers and tablecloths.


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