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Awning fabric & pergola - Coublanc & Dickson

Awning fabric & pergola - Coublanc & Dickson
Awning fabric & pergola - Coublanc & Dickson
Awning fabric & pergola - Coublanc & Dickson
Awning fabric & pergola - Coublanc & Dickson
Inspiration's type : Projects Published at: 2022-10-27

COUBLANC, manufacturer of awnings and pergolas, has chosen Dickson Infinity U104 Flanelle awning fabric to match the anthracite frame of its latest creation: the PergoStore Lacharme.

With the aim of imagining a new way of living outdoors and making outdoor life more enjoyable, COUBLANC has been inventing and designing unique concepts for awnings, bioclimatic pergolas and fabrics for over 20 years. In order to offer high-performance products with elegant lines, COUBLANC advocates innovation and the Made in France process, while at the same time ensuring that the manufacture of its solar protection is environmentally friendly. 

Dickson shares many common values with COUBLANC which is the reason why they have chosen a Dickson awning fabric in order to create an innovative and stylish solar protection, a hybrid between an awning and a pergola.

The PergoStore Lacharme offers its users the convenience of a classic pergola for the price of a folding arm awning. This innovation is made entirely of recycled and recyclable aluminium and is fitted with a box for the windable fabric and 2 poles at the front for greater stability in the wind. It incorporates patented technology by COUBLANC which allows the front bar to be guided and optimises fabric tension. Its rails are also designed to channel rainwater and drain it away through the poles located at their ends. Practical and elegant, the PergoStore Lacharme is also a solution that can be customised as required: dimensions, colours and the addition of LED lighting, the PergoStore Lacharme adapts to the needs and desires of each project.

To combine the strength of a pergola with the delicacy and density of an awning, COUBLANC has chosen Infinity, the special large-width acrylic fabric. The PergoStore Lacharme can cover 6 m wide by 5 m deep patios, while maintaining its dimensional stability over time thanks to the Dickson Resilient System. This unique technology developed by Dickson is a “resilient” acrylic thread designed to correct the warp/weft imbalance inherent to all standard acrylic fibres.

Infinity U104 Flanelle is a textured flecked grey which will bring a modern touch to many exteriors and has the advantage of being suitable for many environments.

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