Dickson Woven Flooring: a new collection that’s even kinder to the planet

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An environmentally friendly company 

Well aware of the environmental stakes, Dickson launched a major campaign under the banner of its GreenOvation initiative. By optimising its energy management, minimising the use of chemical
substances, obtaining ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification and so forth, Dickson has clearly established its position as an eco-friendly business that cares about curbing its environmental footprint as much as possible.

0% Phthalate

To improve the well-being of users, air quality and indoor comfort, the woven upper layer of our Dickson floor coverings has always been phthalate-free.

As we believe quality materials play a vital role in their environment, the challenge presented by this new collection for our R&D department was to successfully produce flooring with 0% phthalate - including the bottom layer - and free from plasticizers.

This commitment to remove controversial substances from our new collection reflects Dickson’s innovation approach to the environment and complies with European REACH standards.

Floorscore certification

Good indoor air quality is essential because people spend most of their lives indoors. The air we breathe affects both our health and  our well-being, from minor disturbances, such as odours, skin and
eye irritations, to the development or aggravation of more serious
ailments, such as respiratory allergies.

Independently tested and certified by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), Dickson® flooring meets the official emissions criteria for volatile organic components (VOC) and is recognized as contributing to good indoor air quality

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