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We are pleased to present to you the new Dickson-Constant website. Flowing, design and intuitive, you will find all the information you need in several clicks.


-          Company presentation:

We invite you to go to the “Who we are” page to discover our story, our group, our skills, our environmental commitment and our certifications.


-          Market presentation

Dickson is present in several markets: solar protection, flooring, outdoor/indoor upholstery and marine. In order to spot more easily on our site and to find more quickly what you are looking for, each market is represented with its respective products (awning, screen, pergola, rugs).


-          Place an order or request samples?

In addition to the Dickson-Constant website, a new tool is available to enable you to place orders more easily. Go to our e-shop to order Dickson fabrics or to receive samples.


-          Find our product brochures

Are you looking for a reference? From now on, you will find all our brochures on Dickson eshop. Click on the shopping cart top left of your screen.


-          Specification

Are you a designer or architect who is working on a project? Go to the  “Specification” page. We will put you in direct contact with our Specification team.


-          Find our references

In order to show our products in situ, we have created a ‘Reference” page. You will find the different projects on which Dickson has worked.


-          News

Events, collaborations, products tips, media coverage… You will be able to find from now on, all the news in this dedicated page.


You would like to apply for a job offer or send us a spontaneous application?

See all our job offers or send your spontaneous application to the “join us” page.


Do you have questions or comments about the new Dickson Constant website? Do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

The Dickson Constant website on a computer

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