Introducing the new Dickson Woven Flooring collection

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Dickson presented its new woven vinyl flooring collection at the Euroshop trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, in February 2020. The innovative shapes, striking colors and avant-garde design of this long-awaited collection were a resounding success. Amaury Flipo, Head of Marketing Flooring, and Matthieu Piriou, Business Development Manager, tell us more about this latest collection.

What was the focus of this new flooring collection?

AF: "We’d already done a lot of work on the second collection, with the introduction of new textures like Be Optic and Be Tweed. But we hadn’t launched anything new for three years and we really wanted to innovate on the technology and design. The market is increasingly design-oriented, so we gave priority to shaking up the offer by focusing on the product design and used jacquard looms in production for the first time. We selected bold colors with lots of character and personality, and our range of graphic effects give rooms a distinctive look and feel. Technically, we developed a more environmentally friendly product, and R&D worked on a new formulation for the underlay to remove phthalates, which are used in plasticizers. In line with our environmentally responsible approach, the product is now phthalate-free."

What's new or different about this collection?

MP: "The design team did a thorough analysis of the current situation and production-related manufacturing constraints, like the number of warp threads; yarn colors, the PVC granules stock to use etc. The team used this analysis to suggest new designs and granule colors, and therefore yarns. We recommended the main products to keep, depending on the interest in them. We kept just three Be Tweed products and four Be Easy products. Together with the R&D, design and production teams, we systematically validated all our choices, starting with patterns and textures, based on test yardage. We were then able to validate the products selection by range, and each had a strong color identity.

New Shape Lab offer

The Shape Lab offer has also been reworked to include combinable shapes - triangles, half-hexagons, tiles and strips - alongside exclusive non-combinable shapes like hexagons, gammas and prisms. Designers can now create more custom layouts adapted to their projects."

How did the different in-house teams coordinate their work?

AF: “The launch was a real group effort: design, R&D, production, logistics, marketing and market were all involved at different levels. The launch started with the design recommendations, and then the teams moved forward together, based on suggestions and remarks from various actors. We would like to thank the teams who took part in this launch. The partners and customers we presented it to can’t wait!"


You are developing a new digital tool. What is it for?

AF: "We wanted to develop a tool that meets a core requirement of the customer opinion leaders who use our Shape Lab service: the possibility to create their own layout, integrate it into their plans and 3D rendering, and present it to end customers. Based on a predetermined layout or their own layout, our customers can personalize their flooring to meet the needs of their project and provide end customers with an exclusive design. They then create a 3D rendering of the layout displaying the color variations of our flooring and get an idea of how it might look in a standard environment - an office, hotel, shop or restaurant. Our customers can then download their project sheet containing inspirational and technical information, along with textures, and incorporate them directly into their files or order samples for their project."

The new Dickson Woven Flooring collection at a glance:

  • 50 products
  • 6 new ranges
  • 40 products permanently in stock (and 10 on-demand products)
  • 10 shapes
  • 1 rugs collection

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