How will you plan to operate your awning (automatic control or home automation)?

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Although awnings can still be extended and retracted manually, for greater comfort and to save energy an automated system is highly recommended.

Choisissez une manivelle, le fil ou la radio pour déplier votre store

Automatic control or crank handle

The crank handle (1) is still the most economical way to open or retract an awning. However, although it is easy to use for small awnings under four meters wide, for larger widths it is no longer really suitable. And even less so when you need to extend or retract several awnings at once on a single facade. 

Wired installations (2) are operated using switches placed in the wall next to your awning. Extremely practical and more economical than other models they often require a lot of work (gutters in the walls, electrical connections etc.) if no provision has been made for wiring.

Radio solutions (3) allow you to control all your awnings with a simple remote control. The latest models are very stylish and can control several awnings and even other areas of your home (lights, shutters, etc.). Remote control is highly practical since it gives you more freedom of movement and requires limited alterations, so it’s ideal for renovation projects.

The advantages of automatic control

The advantages of automatic control

To extend the life of your awning, you are recommended to open your frame with smooth, sharp gestures. The automated system meets this requirement better than the crank handle and thus guarantees a longer service life for your outdoor awning.

A motorized awning is also the easiest to use and above all saves a lot of energy. Automatic controls help you get the most out of your sun protection products and maintain an ambient temperature and brightness levels in your home whatever time of day, without air-conditioning.

Les différents types d'automatisme pour votre store

Types of automatic control on the market:

Solar sensors (4) can operate awnings from the first rays of sunshine. Powered by solar technology, the latest models are fully autonomous. They can be fitted almost anywhere on your facade, even far from the awning. This solution thus offers optimal sun protection.

Rain sensors (5) can instruct your awning to fold away at the first drop of rain. This prevents the fabric from becoming damp so it lasts longer. 

Air speed indicators (6) communicate with your awning if the wind starts to blow. Beyond a given threshold, your frame automatically folds up to prevent the wind from tearing the fabric or damaging your equipment.

Sensors can also be placed on the front bar at the end of the awning to detect swaying motions and close the awning to protect it.

Time settings (7) allow you to set the time you wish to open and close your awning to make life even easier. 

One or more of these solutions can be combined on a single piece of equipment for greater comfort and safety (protection of equipment over time against rain and wind), enhanced solar protection and thus energy savings.

The type of automatic control you need depends on the type of awning you choose.

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