Dickson-Constant, with Sunbrella®, is committed to the fight against plastic pollution at sea.

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Eugène Deleplanque et Yvan Bourgnon

Eugène Deleplanque, CEO of Dickson-Constant, and Yvan Bourgnon, founder of The SeaCleaners association, at the official signing on September 30.


By officially becoming an official sponsor of The SeaCleaners association founded by Yvan Bourgnon, Dickson and its brand Sunbrella® are contributing to the implementation of concrete actions to preserve our oceans and the environment in general.

The association's major objective is to raise awareness against plastic pollution on land and at sea and to preserve the oceans worldwide, in particular with the implementation of its "Manta" project, the first ocean-going vessel capable of collecting and mass processing floating plastic waste before it fragments.

Read the interview of our CEO, conducted by Bénédicte Hamon - Head of Sponsor Relations at The SeaCleaners - who explains the reasons for Dickson's commitment to the association:

Sea Cleaners

Le Manta



What does your collaboration with The SeaCleaners consist of?

ED: Sunbrella is a true laboratory of ideas in terms of textiles for the nautical world. We are developing a multitude of references that meet specific technical and decorative needs and can be adapted to all types of boats, offering optimal protection against marine environments.

As you will have understood, we are in direct contact with the marine world and respect for the environment is as important as the innovation and quality we bring to our customers. It was therefore quite natural for Sunbrella-Dickson to become a sponsor of the French association The SeaCleaners.

Why support the association?

ED: We have been following the project for a long time and as a manufacturer of textiles dedicated to the nautical world, based in France, it was obvious to associate ourselves to this project. We must all contribute to improving the current situation.

Today, more than ever, there is a real awareness of the ecological emergency. Supporting The SeaCleaners is a concrete and strong gesture. We bring our contribution and are extremely proud to be associated with this project. Cleaning and protecting the oceans is the ultimate goal in our efforts to preserve the environment.

Sea Cleaners


What is your environmental commitment?

ED: From the manufacturing process to the use of the fabric and the management of our waste, we have been monitoring our ecological impact for decades.

The "zero waste" approach has been integrated into our development strategy through the 3Rs rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

For the past two years, the Renaissance program has been developed to create fabrics containing 50% recycled Sunbrella fibers. For example, the Source range is a direct result of this program, since it is an eco-friendly fabric in which 27% of the total weight of the fabric is made up of recycled yarn. Of course, this does not affect the quality of the fabric in any way.




A message for the future?

ED: A gesture to preserve the environment is always simple to achieve it is not too late to make this common effort to take care of nature. We wish to involve all our employees in this partnership and set up various actions to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Meeting at Dickson Constant

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