Sunbrella & Lagoon: the meeting of graphic lines and aesthetics

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Lagoon x Sunbrella


Sunbrella teamed up with Lagoon to create the upholstery for its new Sixty 5 sailing catamaran. The brightly colored, summery Sunbrella fabrics give the boat a cheerful, welcoming feel.

Our design studio developed the CONNECT look to coincide with the launch of the new catamaran. Senior Designer for the Sunbrella® Marine market, Audrey Eloi tells us more about the concept and how it connects the boat:


What is the CONNECT concept?

"This concept forms a visual link between the different parts of the catamaran. A sophisticated, bright yellow line, it crosses from room to room, over seats, cushions and bedspreads."

Why did you create a guiding “thread”?

The yellow line symbolizes the common thread between the rooms. Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness. By accenting the upholstery, it adds a bright, dynamic touch. The graphic yellow line highlights shapes and textures and reflects the catamaran’s spirit of performance. Energetic and vibrant, yellow was the natural choice for our ‘thread’.

Sunbrella x Lagoon
Sunbrella x Lagoon



How did you approach the living room of the SIXTY 5?

Living rooms are where people come together to relax and have fun, so we purposely chose warm, bright tones, like a pale sandy beach under dazzling white light. The tinted whites are muted, or iridescent to intensify the light reflected on the fabric.
We chose 10020 White Natté for the living room upholstery with Bengali Sunlight P059 piping to trace a neat yellow line.



How is the CONNECT concept applied outside?

We took a different approach to the cockpit, aft and forward, and the flybridge. This is where the boat is controlled, so we opted for a neutral, masculine look in a palette of grays and more textured textiles for a powerfully contemporary, luxurious look. The J295 MAZE Tarmac J295 upholstery on the catamaran’s aft and forward cockpit seats is inspired by men's wardrobes.

Sunbrella x Lagoon

Photo credit : Nicolas Claris

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