Awning: an asset to develop your brand identity

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Logo, baseline, colours, shapes: a well-built brand identity helps to increase your company’s visibility. It must be defined by thoughtful graphics and visual codes in order to give meaning to the rest of the communication and to unify it in order to keep a coherence that will benefit your company. We often think of the shop window as the first point of communication. However, awnings offer an excellent additional alternative. Dickson fabrics are tailored to your needs and expectations in terms of visual identity, thanks to a wide choice of colours but also to their possibility of personalization. 

The colour codes used for your logo can easily be used to spread your visual identity on the outside. Here, the red and white colours of the logo have been reused and rearranged into stripes on an awning fabric (Orchestra 8915) to create a visual impact for the passerby.

Casino has been original by also incorporating an awning inside its store to strengthen the brand identity. 

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We also find here the homogeneity between the colour of the logo and the awning installed. This one has been customized with the name and the logo brand, allowing a real differentiation. Customization is indeed possible thanks to different techniques, whether it is the customization of the valence or the printing on the fabric.

Customizing your awning fabric with your logo or brand name will also allow your customers to better remember the brand.

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A new degree of customization can be achieved by integrating a luminous valence onto your awning as in this image. Beyond the simple flocking of the brand or logo, light makes it more visible, mainly at night, which strengthens the visual identity. Integrating lights onto your awning is an original idea and ideal for the winter season when the night falls quickly and allows you to reach a wider audience since the logo or brand is permanently visible.

Photo credit : Socotex

Because a brand identity does not just rely on the logo and dominant colours, your awning can also resume the colours of your packaging or product. The visual identity is thus increased on various supports to strengthen it.

Photo credit : Degema

Are you changing your brand identity?

Think about recovering. You don’t need to change your entire awning: recovering is easy, takes little time and saves money. Simply change the fabric, in order to differentiate and accompany your communication. Economical, it is the perfect solution to give your shop a second wind without wasting time.

The awning is a real tool of differentiation that remains simple with a design look. It accompanies your communication and your shop window giving coherent brand identity  thanks to the wide range of colours that we offer. It allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

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