Re-covering: how to change your awning fabric without changing your awning?

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The passage of time and the vagaries of weather may cause the fabric to become soiled or damaged. There is a quick cost-effective to refresh and rejuvenate this element of your exterior decoraction: re-covering.

An easy, affordable solution

Re-covering is a sustainable procedure, allowing you to replace only what really needs changing. Since you don’t have to change the entire mechanism, it’s readily affordable: on average, a new awning fabric costs just one quarter of the price of a whole new awning. After a meeting given over to measurements and fabric selection, the supplier will act swiftly. It only takes a couple of hours to change a fabric, including any final adjustments. If you’d like to avoid the longer queues associated with the busy season for suppliers, it would be good to plan for winter replacement of your fabric thus being absolutely ready for return of the fine weather. This will ensure that you’re fully protected in good time to make the most of the first rays of sunshine.

A decorative asset for your outdoor area

Setting aside the practical benefits, re-covering is the ideal opportunity to breathe fresh life into your outdoor space. Yesterday’s choices may not be those of today. A new awning fabric is a chance to modernise and harmonise your premises with different designs and colour schemes. With solid colours, stripes, motifs and contrasting or natural colours, Dickson can supply over 200 fabrics in line with current decoration trends, offering harmonious options for decorating any outdoor space. This makes Dickson awnings a great way to refresh your outdoor space.

Choose the protection of a Dickson awning

The fabric for a Dickson awning is made of solution-dyed acrylic fibres. This process, which incorporates pigments directly into the actual fibre, gives colours an improved resistance to UV and bad weather while guaranteeing colour fastness for 10 years. All of which makes our fabrics the perfect choice for those seeking a durable, high-end product – a designer fabric that adapts well to regular use outdoors and is therefore a  practical solution for use at all times, throughout the year.

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