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When it comes to choosing your interior decoration, colour makes all the difference. It changes how a space looks and feels, and its overall atmosphere. Variations in the colour and weave of woven floor coverings create a more authentic look. After our Innovation Cluster, we modernised our premises using the infinite combinations offered by our woven vinyl floor coverings. Shape Lab’s wide selection of colours and shapes have revitalized our workspaces and meeting rooms.

Besides colour, it’s also possible to play with various aspects of Dickson Woven Flooring. Choose one of three associations - monochrome, contrast or shade - to transform your interior into a unique space, and intensify the visual impact of the selected colour according to how the space is lit.


Red brings warmth to any room. Stimulating and energising, it enlivens small spaces – as in this harlequin layout. This warm colour is also perfect for large areas.


A more neutral colour, grey marries perfectly with any interior. Trendy and timeless, it brings out other, more lively and intense hues. Combine different ranges to heighten the cube effect and intensify the nuances of Dickson’s woven vinyl floor coverings.


Synonymous with elegance, blue adds a refreshing touch to any interior. It reflects more light than it absorbs, so even dark blue looks fresh and lively.


Warm beige tones give rooms a welcoming feel. Beige is often paired with brown to create soothing and relaxing interiors. Combine ranges and play with contrasts and shapes in weft or warp yarns to invent your own design.



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Awning fabrics: Shades of design


Awning fabrics: Shades of design

Colors not only change the light, they also change our emotions and moods. Cool colors bathe us in a refreshing aura and remind us of the calming, relaxing effect of nature and the elements. Warm colors like red, orange, ochre and yellow feel sunny. They energize our minds and spaces. Whites and light colors give an impression of space. They heighten luminosity and bring out other colors.