Heat: how to stay cool in summer thanks to the awning?

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The awning protects us from the sun and its hazards. It is thus possible to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors. So you won't have to stay indoors during hot weather!

  • Take shelter under an awning to protect yourself from the heat....

Dickson awning fabrics block up to 95% glare and heat, which significantly reduces the greenhouse effect. This way, you can enjoy your outdoors in the heat wave without suffering from the heat.

  • ... and UV rays

Dickson awning fabrics also block 90% to 100% of UV rays. UV rays go unnoticed and yet have undesirable effects: they cause premature skin ageing, lead to the appearance of brown spots and can be associated with skin cancers.

  • The awning: to keep the interior cool

Installing an awning fabric in front of a bay window also keeps your interior cool, but also the floor of your terrace, which can be hot and unpleasant. In the evening, do not hesitate to open your interior to the outside, which will allow you to enlarge your house with an additional room.

  • Don't wait until it's too hot to open your blind

Waiting until it is too hot to open your blind is a mistake too often made. Prepare for the heat peak by opening your awning when it is still cool: the fabric will keep cool throughout the day so that you can enjoy a pleasant moment in complete serenity.

  • Prefer dark colours to stay cool

The darker the fabric is, the more important the UV protection and the feeling of freshness will be. If you want to keep more brightness in your home, you should turn to light fabrics.

If you don't have a terrace and want to keep your home cool, choose a Sunworker Dickson vertical screen: these fabrics provide a real balance between visual and thermal comfort.

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