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Dickson unveils a preview of its new solar fabric collection in Ghent


Dickson unveils a preview of its new solar fabric collection in Ghent


Published on 2022-08-22 - Events
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At the Polyclose trade fair, which will take place in Ghent from 31st August to 2nd September 2022, Dickson Constant will unveil its new collection of solar fabrics, Dickson Solar Fabrics, which is scheduled for release in early 2023. 58 new exclusive products will complete the iconic ORCHESTRA range, which will feature 173 awning fabric items.

To perfectly match all exteriors and styles, 4 main colour families have been designed: STONE for grey tones, NATURAL for all natural shades, SOLAR which will include warm tones, and POLAR which will group together cold shades.


More than just a renewal of colours and patterns, this new collection of awning fabrics is the promise of a design based on 4 strong pillars:


DESIGN, a key element in decorating living spaces.

PERFORMANCE, which contributes to improving everyday comfort.

RESPONSIBLE APPROACH, where each stage of the product life cycle is designed to reduce the environmental impact.

FINALLY, THIS COLLECTION FOCUSES ON PEOPLE, both in the co-creation with its partner customers and in the know-how of its employees, who contribute to creating a range of beautiful, efficient and sustainable awning fabrics. More than ever,


Dickson is committed to meeting the growing needs of the solar fabric market, as evidenced by its new site in Hordain, about which our teams will be happy to tell you more.


Until you visit us at stand 4323/Hall 4, follow Polyclose news on LinkedIn!

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