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Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, the combination of serenity and vitality!


Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, the combination of serenity and vitality!

Published on 2021-02-11 - Products
Woven flooring - Cosmos

Following the unveiling of the colours of the year 2021 by Pantone, Karen Dassy (Senior Designer in the Dickson flooring market) proposes to explore these colours for the design of workspaces, hotels or concept stores!

Karen, what was your first reaction to the announcement of the two Pantone 2021 colours?

KD : Pleasantly surprised to see not one, but two colours! It is a beautiful illustration of the proverb "unity is strength" And delighted that Pantone confirms that these colours, which we offer in our flooring collection, are up to date!

As a designer, what do Luminous Yellow and Ultimate Gray evoke in you?

KD : Illuminating yellow is a radiant, solar colour that calls for joy and energy. It's a great impulse to start 2021 with optimism! Ultimate Gray is wise and timeless, its sobriety makes it easy to match with other shades, in associations ranging from the most discreet to the most audacious. The combination of these two colours is balanced, the stimulating virtues of yellow complement the stability of grey, and vice versa.

Do we find in the Dickson Woven Flooring collection the Luminous Yellow and Ultimate Grey ?

KD : Yes and yes! We have two yellow I references, and eight grey references! And it's easy to associate other colours from our collection to this duo, to offer even more relief and depth!

Why is colour an important element of architectural composition? Can you tell us how the Pantone colours of 2021 fit perfectly into interior design projects?

KD : Colour is a major tool in many disciplines. In architecture, it allows to create an identity, to articulate and differentiate spaces and their functions, to influence the perception of volumes, as well as the psychology of the user thanks to the virtues of colour differences (reassuring, relaxing, stimulating...).

The combination of a discreet colour and a tonic colour is ideal in decoration and can be applied to any room if the proportions of each colour are modulated according to the use of each space.

Have you ever realized projects with a mix of these 2 colours for clients?

KD : It's a good surprise but yes! One of the projects was carried out for a Turkish customer in his offices (ALP Aviation), with the Be Easy range where 2 variations of grey reveal subtle silvery reflections. The touch of yellow Illuminating is then brought thanks to the furniture which brings to this space of exchange a sunny and reassuring atmosphere.

Recently, a project with CAPEB (Lyon) was won with the new Dickson Woven Flooring collection. In order to rethink its new premises and more precisely the reception area of this place, it is the references of the COSMOS JetBlack (J511) and Sky Silver (J513) range that sublimate this 150m² space.

Our Dickson Woven Flooring collection (woven vinyl flooring and woven vinyl rugs) fits perfectly with this year's 2 Pantone colours, try out all the layouts in bright yellow and grey with our floor configurator and don't hesitate to order samples of each of the Pantone 2021 colours now.

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