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Created in 2004, Comme un Camion is the first website dedicated to men fashion in France. The team quickly grew and the office became too small. In the summer of 2018, they decided to relocate their office in Lorient (Brittany), close to the fishing port. Dickson-Constant supported the team in the installation of their new workplace – from the bathroom to the terrace – offering a unique and global design.

A functional terrace

Comme un Camion is not only offices but also a real Great Place to Work. The idea was therefore to create a convivial and relaxing place. Because the terrace had to be easy to clean, Dickson decided to offer its innovative textiles to help the team on its routine. The rug TSAF RECT U520 is made with a technical innovation developed for the most demanding environments such as patios and pool area. Comfortable, resistant, easy to clean and rotproof, they bring together the look and feel of textiles with the advantages of vinyl. Appreciated for its comfort, it also brings originality and design to your home.

 As the terrace is oriented south, a sunny protection is essential. In an aesthetic concern, Comme un Camion opted for a sail shade to convert its exterior into a design place. This fabric Orc 6028 offers a good protection against UV rays, heat, brightness and rain. This solution therefore offers an interesting design but is also appreciated for  its storage convenience.

 The office

In order to create an original place, Comme un Camion chose Dickson Woven Flooring Be Smart U500 Refinement – both sober and elegant – in harmony with the identity of the office. In order to match with the wooden floor of the rest of the workplace, the team opted for this Dickson wood effect flooring allowing preserving the character and authenticity of the place. Thanks to the graphic of the product, this flooring brings originality and design to the office.

This flooring combines functional qualities and resistance, keeping the aesthetic and design of Dickson Woven Flooring. It is thus optimal for offices for easier maintenance.

The bathroom

In order to suit with the elegant, sober and masculine style of Comme un Camion’s offices, the bathroom was decorated with a black and white look. The team chose our Woven Flooring U530 fluctuation for its diamond shape and its graphic design.

Offices should not be neglected: decoration and design well thinking would allow your collaborators to feel at home and convert your company into a “Great Place to Work”. However, materials must be different from those of your home. We will take materials design for ease of maintenance keeping the aesthetic of the product. Comme un Camion chose Dickson’s quality in order to suit their needs: durable and easy to clean woven flooring, comfortable rugs and shade sail protection.

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