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“La Métropole Européenne de Lille” was chosen by the “World Design Organization” to  represent the “World Design Capital” in 2020. Dickson, for whom design is at the heart of its strategy, has the honour of being the first official supplier of this project. Dickson Woven Flooring has been installed in the Living Lab, an area of experiments and project resources.

Alain Berteau, Belgian designer and architect, won the competition launched by “Lille Capitale Mondiale du Design” to imagine and design the Living Lab space. He worked on the installation of Dickson Flooring, in collaboration with our design team. We spoke with Alain Berteau, who agreed to answer a few questions, regarding this collaboration.

The city of Lille was selected to become the World Design Capital in 2020. It will be the first French city to receive this title. How do you think design is one of the strengths of this territory?

This seems a logical choice, the Lille metropolis is typical of these very dynamic post-industrial regions of northern Europe, which have been forced to re-invent their economies with great bursts of innovation and therefore design.

Can you give us your own definition of design?

Good design is not about creating trends, it’s the opposite of stylism. It’s about finding new, relevant and sustainable solutions. Solutions that, if adapted to and adopted by the user, will then naturally and effortlessly become part of the user’s environment and culture.

Why did you choose Dickson Woven Flooring for the Living Lab?

It was necessary to find a solid, durable and silent material, but without cold or too technical appearance. The “fabric” textures of the Woven Flooring are warm and very elegant.

How did you arrange the laying of Dickson Woven Flooring?

The hexagon wedge brings a depth, a vibration of random appearance, very natural.



How do you choose the colours of Dickson Woven Flooring?

The bluish grey hue, soft and luminous, perfectly complements the other noble materials present in the area.

What did you think of the collaboration with Dickson’s design team?

It was a very positive, simple and effective collaboration. It’s always nice to work with people who are really passionate about their work and who are obviously proud of the products they develop and offer.

Do you have any advice for choosing the flooring?

There are several possible approaches and they are all interesting. You can create flat monochrome floors and opt for a colourist approach. Or bring depth by playing with textures. Or create incredible punching, multicolours and graphics. The possibilities are literally endless for both contemporary buildings and classical architecture.


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