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Marie Dams tells V&MA about her work supporting Dickson-approved awning manufacturers


Marie Dams tells V&MA about her work supporting Dickson-approved awning manufacturers


Published on 2022-07-21 - Company
Solar protection

Verre et Menuiserie, the media outlet and valued partner of the glass, carpentry and solar protection industry, has dedicated a page to Marie Dams in its May–June 2022 issue. It was an opportunity for our Solar Protection Category Manager to shine a light on her work supporting the network of Dickson-approved awning manufacturers.

The article starts by referring to ‘À Tous Ceux': our 100% digital campaign with visuals that emphasise the high performance of our awning fabrics and optimised landing pages to guide potential awning buyers towards our network of approved manufacturers. ‘Our partners also enjoy access to special, personalised digital marketing media', Marie Dams explains.

Our Dickson-approved awning manufacturers benefit both from our renowned expertise in the awning and solar protection sphere in general and from substantial support:

‘We offer them turnkey campaigns and a significant financial contribution to their marketing efforts', she adds. That way, they become stakeholders and the exclusive local representatives for our marketing plan, designed so that it does not generate competition in each geographical area. According to Christophe and Alexandre Gallego, Dickson-approved awning manufacturers at Gallego, ‘The reputation of this major manufacturer helps us, too. And vice versa: we vouch for the quality of their products by recommending them. It's really a win-win situation'.

‘In 2022, our goal is to continue to support and value our partners more than ever', Marie concludes, having underlined the important role of rapport in our successful relationships with our network.

In fact, at the end of every year, Marie Dams organises a national meeting in Lille, to which all the members of our network are invited. This year, our approved awning manufacturers will enjoy a host of exclusive benefits, such as being the first to see our new collection of Dickson awning fabrics.

To find out more about our network of approved awning manufacturers, head to the dedicated page on our website.

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