Are you responsible for meeting the technical standards of buildings?

Are you an architect, designer or economist? Our technical standards team will help you find the right fabric for your project. Our sun protection and flooring ranges and custom solutions will ensure your office, store, hotel and restaurant fitting projects are a complete success

Dickson® Flooring, the woven vinyl flooring

A technically innovative solution developed for public spaces with extreme levels of wear, such as hotels, offices, stores and restaurants, Dickson® floors are durable, comfortable, easy to maintain and stylish.

Sunworker, the Dickson's screen fabrics

Enjoying strong name recognition among construction professionals, Sunworker® fabrics combine thermal and visual comfort.

By acting as an effective thermal filter, they provide a natural solution to air conditioning and contribute to the creation of a new form of "intelligent" buildings.

Our references

Examples of projects featuring Dickson® fabrics and just a few of their countless potential applications.


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