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Be our next talent

Eugène Deleplanque Eugène Deleplanque


Thanks to the visionary spirit of our 600 employees, the Dickson group is able to rise to even the biggest challenges facing our sector. We enjoy recognized expertise, to which our teams contribute every day.


“Although Dickson’s strength lies in our capacity to innovate and our product excellence, it springs, above all, from the talent and human qualities of our teams. As our future concerns all of us, we’re building it together.”


Eugène Deleplanque,President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Our job offers

Internship (6 months)

North - Wasquehal / BAC +4/5


Our commitments

Training & Career Management

Training & Career Management Training & Career Management


Our know-how and skills drive our global leadership in the smart textiles market. The occupations of the past are also our future occupations, so in order to support and train all our employees, Dickson uses methodologies based on various teaching methods and systems adapted to each learning need.

Work environment

Work environment Work environment


Based in Wasquehal, northern France, Dickson is an exceptional company combining French production expertise with high-level innovation. The company is aware of its environmental responsibilities, which is why waste is sorted and recycled at each stage of the production process. We also encourage every employee to think about the environment.


Recruitment Recruitment


Our ambition is to attract and work with individuals who share our values and who are likely to flourish within the group. Therefore, we regularly accept applications from talented, courageous and enterprising individuals who wish to contribute to the company’s development. We are committed to creating an environment that is conducive to professional growth, creativity and performance.


Listening Listening


Dickson was originally a family business. Over the years, it has taken care to nurture a real sense of belonging. Sharing, mutual support and a team spirit still drive the well-being of those who work in our company. Rethinking the way we organize our working time to allow teams to enjoy a better pace of life means creating conditions conducive to greater personal and professional fulfilmen

Internal Mobility

Mobilité Interne Mobilité Interne


We are committed to promoting internal mobility in terms of careers, management positions and geographical location. We pay close attention to the aspirations of our employees, who we encourage to be "actors" in their own careers. Our aim is to enable them to develop their career within the organization by supporting them, particularly through professional appraisals, and by providing them with information on our occupations and development opportunities.


As a major player in the sun protection, flooring, interior and exterior upholstery and boating markets, in recent years we have implemented a compliance policy in accordance with our intrinsic values.

At a glance At a glance

At a glance

  • 239 men/ 81 women
  • Gender Equality Index of 87 out of 100 points
  • 2% turnover
  • 96% of employees are proud to work at Dickson
  • 91% would recommend a friend to work at Dickson