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A closer look at the eight new Dickson Woven Flooring colours


A closer look at the eight new Dickson Woven Flooring colours


Published on 2023-01-09 - Products
Woven flooring - Mirage

Woven vinyl flooring: Eight new colours for the Dickson Woven Flooring collection

Though choosing the right indoor flooring can be daunting, there are a host of regularly updated and improved ranges out there with options that can fulfil any user's needs. In fact, if you are looking for vinyl flooring, Dickson Constant has just revealed a series of never-before-seen colours. These eight colours bring with them a world of new opportunities.

New vinyl flooring: shades in harmony with nature

Inspired by nature, the new shades are designed to bring light into your space. Some of them, like Shell, Umber and Sepia, are light shades that will brighten up the room. Others are more neutral, like Moon, Polar and Betula: three more understated colours, though still more than able to invite light into a space. Finally, the other two alternatives, Orpiment and Serandite, are warmer shades.

This woven vinyl flooring is made with the white warp weaving method: a technique that creates a subtle raw style. The result is a nuanced yet vibrant finish. As well as adding an irregular touch to a minimalist design, the range evokes the shades of sand and clay.

The CleanGard® protective varnish that is applied to these woven vinyl flooring options means the palette of colours available can be expanded, as these eight new light, bright indoor flooring shades are maintained just like any other of the products in the collection.




Minimalist designs for professional use

These new colours are part of the Mirage range launched in 2020. This expanded range provides more solutions for professionals, who can now fulfil all their clients' needs in future design projects for any kind of space: a luxury hotel room, a spacious, open-plan office, interior flooring for a shop, etc. All the options are long-lasting, even in high-traffic environments.

Like all the other flooring options in the Dickson Woven Flooring collection, this new palette of colours offers the performance and unique characteristics required for heavy commercial use:

  • This acoustic flooring offers excellent sound insulation properties. Buildings’ performance can be improved by acoustic flooring.

  • Thanks to the CleanGard protective varnish, this woven flooring is resistant to staining and soiling, as this layer stops dirt from sticking to the surface.
  • Having gone through a series of standardised tests, this vinyl flooring comes with a 15-year guarantee and is certified class 33 (heavy commercial use), which shows that it is suitable for high-traffic areas.

  • In addition, this indoor flooring is proven to be environmentally-friendly by its confirmed compliance with the REACH European label, its Floorscore certification and its phthalate-free manufacturing.

  • With their EN 13501-1 standard certification, Dickson Woven Flooring collections offer excellent fire resistance.

Vinyl flooring is offering higher and higher performances and becoming increasingly diversified. Whatever style you are looking to create, the bigger-than-ever Mirage range can adapt to any project and any space. Its performance (in terms of aesthetics, acoustics and longevity) make it an excellent choice, even in environments with significant limitations.


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