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Why not go for a pergola? That way, you can enjoy your terrace all year round

The pergola a real design element for your outdoor space. Made up of a wooden or metal frame and a stretch canopy, it will enhance your garden while creating a cosy space sheltered from the sun and bad weather.

Where to install your pergola

Pergolas are usually installed in a garden or on the terrace of a home. They can be positioned either up against the façade of the building or on their own, with their own fixed structure that can be installed in any outdoor spot.

Types of closure Types of closure

Types of closure

A closure can be installed directly on the structure of the pergola to close off its sides. Usually, pergolas are equipped with a retractable canopy, which can be either motorised or manual (also sometimes known as curtains), that enables you to regulate the light and heat under your pergola.

Tips for your pergola canopy fabric

If you are looking for the best way to provide insulation against rain and strong winds, the ideal fabrics are Orchestra, Max and Infinity, as they combine thermal performance with strength and longevity. Thanks to the wide range of colours available, you can add a modern touch to your pergola that will beautify your outdoor space.

Tips for your fabric pergola closure Tips for your fabric pergola closure