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The X-Power 33C by X-Yachts

The X-Power 33C by X-Yachts
The X-Power 33C by X-Yachts
The X-Power 33C by X-Yachts
The X-Power 33C by X-Yachts
Inspiration's type : Projects Published at: 2022-05-06

With over 40 years of experience in high performance boats, X-Yachts presents its latest model, the X-Power 33C, an extraordinary 33-foot open-air motorboat for the discerning boater. Fast and reliable, it aims to increase the pleasure of boating by focusing on its design and its innovative development.

Launched last year, the Danish manufacturer's first-ever motorboat uses the latest  innovative technology. So it was only logical for X-Yachts to partner with Sunbrella® to design a boat that is as comfortable and stylish as it is powerful. 

The X-Power 33C seats are available in two colours from the Sunbrella® Horizon collection, a synthetic leather that creates a comfortable and luxurious seat, and an attractive design that perfectly complements the boat's finely crafted wood and metal finishes. 

Like all Sunbrella® fabrics, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Horizon collection is suitable for boating in all weather conditions, from saltwater seas to sun-drenched freshwater lakes.

The X-Power 33C is equipped with an optional T-top, creating perfect protection from the sun and wind, in addition to the standard windscreen. The control panel has been carefully designed to be easy to use and intuitive, allowing the driver to enjoy the journey in comfort and safety.

Spacious comfort

The X-Power 33C's cockpit is spacious with three pilot seats and eight sofa seats, all in high quality Sunbrella® fabrics. The cockpit table is height-adjustable and can be transformed into a sun lounger near the swim platform.

"We wanted a leather look for the X-Power 33C, so we chose Sunbrella's Horizon fabric for its quality, durability and ability to stay outside all year".

X-Power Head of Design, Kristoffer Jensen

Unrivalled performance

Sunbrella® Horizon, a high-quality synthetic leather, provides unrivalled style, comfort and performance on the water. It's designed to meet Sunbrella brand standards with unmatched resistance to pink microbial stains, proven durability and optimum dimensional stability that ensures it stays in shape. Sunbrella® Horizon is also characterised by its ultra-soft feel. Performance is matched only by design with Sunbrella® Horizon. Available in 23 different colours, Sunbrella® Horizon perfectly matches other Sunbrella® Marine fabrics to easily coordinate all interior and exterior boat applications. The X-Power 33C is available in Horizon Capriccio Toast and Capriccio Grey.

Season after season, the quality manufacture of Sunbrella® Horizon allows boat enthusiasts to enjoy exceptional comfort on the water. 

The industry-leading 5-year Sunbrella® Horizon warranty covers loss of strength or discoloration from normal use and exposure. The 3-year warranty protects against pink microbial stains. Any warranty claim within the first 3 years may be subject to a maximum of €40 labour costs per linear metre, in addition to the replacement product.

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