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Dickson Woven Flooring teams return to A@W Munich


Dickson Woven Flooring teams return to A@W Munich


Published on 2022-05-12 - Events
Woven flooring


The Dickson team was delighted to take part in the Munich edition of the Architect@Work exhibition, which took place on the 27th and 28th of April.

Established in 16 different countries in Europe and Canada, Architect@Work is the exhibition dedicated to innovations in architecture and design. This Munich edition was dedicated to “healthy materials”, in accordance with the exhibition's desire to offer its visitors an experience full of discoveries while remaining highly qualitative and selective.

It was an opportunity for Dickson to meet with many architects and other specifiers to promote its CleanGuard technology, the protective varnish built directly into our flooring. CleanGuard protects our floors from abrasion and heavy traffic, prolonging the life of our flooring while ensuring their cleanliness. Our easy living flooring is resistant to stains, dirt and soiling, but also to abrasion and heavy traffic.

“We had two very good days at A@W in Munich”, says Fabian Cichon, Sales Manager for Germany/Austria. “The concept is very interesting and allows us to reach interested professionals with an innovative product! ”.

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