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Choosing your new awning fabric


Choosing your new awning fabric


Published on 2020-03-03 - Products
Solar protection - Orchestra

awning fabric orchestra awning fabric orchestra

Orchestra or Orchestra Max ?

Fabrics exposed to harsh weather may need more care. Although all Dickson® Orchestra fabrics are rot-proof, left deposits can stain awnings. Although a wipe with a soapy sponge is usually enough to remove grime, special products like Texaktiv, jointly developed with Dickson®, extend the lifetime of your fabric. If you get a lot of rain and/or regular pollution, Orchestra Max is best for you. Its highly water-resistant coating is specially designed for this type of environment, so it is easier to clean and lasts longer.

Protection in summer or all year round?

In sunny climes, such as the Mediterranean, house walls are often plastered white on the outside to reflect the sunlight and keep it cooler insider. But what’s true for walls isn’t necessarily true for fabrics. Light fabrics reflect sunlight more than dark fabrics but also transmit more solar energy. The lighter the fabric, the hotter it feels. A darker fabric blocks more infrared rays because it absorbs their energy. As the darkest fabrics transmit almost no solar energy, they also offer better thermal protection than light fabrics.

solar protection solar protection
UV resistance UV resistance

For the same reasons, dark fabric reduces bright sunlight and minimizes glare under your awning, leaving you free to enjoy your outdoor spaces without wearing sunglasses or squinting. Dark Dickson® fabric also filters up to 100% of UV rays for total protection. By regulating outdoor heat and absorbing some sunlight, awning fabric can also lower indoor temperatures. It’s a more sustainable and less costly alternative to energy-hungry air-conditioning units.

If your top priority is to enjoy the outdoors all year round and shelter from bad weather, a light-colored Orchestra fabric diffuses sunlight better. Whichever fabric or color you choose, it will protect you from at least 90% of UV rays. Every awning should meet the needs and wishes of those who relax under them. This is why Dickson® fabrics come in a wide range of colors and patterns and guarantees both thermal and visual comfort, and advanced protection from UV rays.

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