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Need to protect and restore the look of your outdoor fabrics?

During production, our outdoor fabrics are waterproof-treated with a special coating.

This increases their resistance to water and dirt such as dust, plant particles, tree sap, insects, and light oily deposits, and inhibits mold growth.

The original treatment can become less effective over time and outdoor fabrics should be cleaned and treated regularly.

Since cleaning with Tex'Aktiv Clean may impair the water-repellent properties of fabrics, Tex'Aktiv Guard should be applied after each cleaning to re-waterproof your product.

Cleaning your fabrics keeps them in excellent condition and ensures they last much longer.

Tex'Aktiv Clean

TexAktiv CleanTexAktiv Clean

TEX'AKTIV CLEAN removes fabric stains and unpleasant odors from deckchairs, cushions, and shading devices such as sunshades, shade sails, and blinds.


1. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and lightly scrub stubborn stains.

2. Spray with TEX’AKTIV CLEAN and leave for 5 minutes.

3. Gently rub the fabric with your brush to ensure the product soaks in.

4. Rinse thoroughly with a hose. Do not apply pressure.

5. Retract when dry.

Tex'Aktiv Guard

TexAktiv GuardTexAktiv Guard

TEX'AKTIV GUARD protects fabrics from stains and grime. This product is ideal for deckchairs, cushions, and shading devices. It repels water and grease. Its colorless beading effect restores the look of outdoor fabrics.


1. Spray Tex’Aktiv Guard on clean and dry fabric.

2. Apply lightly across the fabric in both directions for even, optimal results.

3. Retract when dry.

PLEASE NOTE: the treatment is fully effective a few days after application; exposure to hot sun helps activate the coating. If additional re-waterproofing is required, wait at least one day and repeat from the start.


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