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O'Sea® & Regalite® clear flexible crystal


O'Sea® & Regalite® clear flexible crystal


Published on 2022-03-01 - Products
Marine - Osea - Regalite

Thanks to a unique vinyl sheet pressing process, the resulting crystal provides boat owners a soft, flexible material with exceptional optical clarity. This vinyl, which is easy to look after and UV resistant, will not yellow or become brittle and is designed to withstand harsh weather and sea conditions.

Extra protection with the O'SEA range

Le vinyle O'Sea est en plus doté d'un revêtement unique sur ses deux faces afin d'offrir une excellente résistance aux rayures, aux crèmes solaires, aux répulsifs anti-insectes et au kérosène sans modifier le toucher ou compromettre la flexibilité de la feuille.

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