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Using solar protection to reduce energy consumption


Using solar protection to reduce energy consumption


Published on 2021-06-04 - Company
Solar protection

Have you received your latest energy bill? Have you noticed that your consumption is much higher than you thought? Then it's time to look for ways to reduce your energy consumption! There is no shortage of solutions, from using solar protection to switching suppliers by using an electricity comparator! In this article we will give you our tips for reducing your consumption.

Use an electricity comparator

You're probably wondering how an electricity comparator can help you reduce your energy consumption? Quite simply because the comparator will help you to find an offer that is truly tailored to your consumption. As the experts of the fournisseur-energie.com website explain, if you want to reduce your consumption, you can subscribe to an offer that matches your new criteria.

The way the comparator works is simple: you fill in information about your consumption habits, and the comparator will suggest a list based on this information. According to the experts of the fournisseur-energie.com website, you will for example have to fill in:

  • if you are looking for a gas or electricity contract;
  • where you live: flat or house;
  • surface area;
  • number of occupants;
  • whether you have gas or electric heating;
  • whether your water is heated by gas or electricity...


As the fournisseur-energie.com website explains, you can easily find free-of-charge online comparators, on energy supplier websites. If you want an independent comparator, you can find one on the government's website for example.

If after using the comparator you realise that you want to change electricity supplier, you can! Energy contracts are non-binding, which means that you can cancel them at any time, free of charge. All you have to do is take out a new contract with another supplier. This new supplier will take care of cancelling your old contract.

Use solar protection

A simple way of reducing your energy consumption in both summer and winter is to use solar protection. How? By providing better thermal insulation for your home. Solar protection can take the form of awning fabrics or pergola fabrics for example.

In winter, the protection will help reduce heat loss. This means that you will need less heating, as it won't be as cold in your home. Also, in summer, the sun's heat will be blocked and will limit your home from overheating, so you will not need to use the air conditioning as much for example. So solar protection will help you to reduce your energy consumption, without requiring too much effort to install.

Your choice of solar protection will depend on several factors, including where you live. If you live in a region where it is rather cold, then you should choose a light-coloured solar protection. On the other hand, if you live in a hot region, medium or dark coloured protection is preferable.

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