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Winding fabric pergola

Pergolas are a decorative and trendy outdoor feature. Usually composed of a wooden or metal structure and a stretched fabric, they add charm to any garden and create a cozy space protected from sun, rain and wind.

Where can you use winding pergola fabric?Where can you use winding pergola fabric?


Where can you use winding pergola fabric?

Pergolas are usually placed in a garden or on a terrace. They can be attached to the front of your home or used as a standalone feature in a location of your choosing.

For roll-up pergolas, we recommend

For your stretch pergola fabrics, we recommend:

  • Opéra: the jacquard weaving of the Opéra fabric allows double-sided original patterns to be created
  • Sunvision: an openwork fabric which guarantees visual comfort by filtering the sun’s rays without restricting light
  • Natté: an ideal fabric for outdoor use, this fabric has excellent colour fastness and is sustainable over time.
  • Orchestra: the widest range on the market with a large choice of colours and widths.
  • Infinity: perfect for large width awnings, which can create seamless and completely beautiful solar protection

For your pergola, choose a space sheltered from the wind for optimum safety.

For roll-up pergolas, we recommendFor roll-up pergolas, we recommend