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Discover all our protective fabrics

Set sail with total peace of mind with our Sunbrella® marine fabrics

The marine fabrics in the Sunbrella nautical collection are ideal for all kinds of protection needs on board any kind of boat. Thanks to their total protection and optimal durability, Sunbrella fabrics are the ideal choice for spray hoods, bimini tops, dodgers, covers, camper enclosures and much more.

This collection is equipped with cutting-edge technology that helps the fabrics resist the extreme conditions found at sea. All the fabrics are UV- and fade-resistant, so their colours will stay unbelievably vibrant year after year.

Set sail with total peace of mind with our Sunbrella® marine fabricsSet sail with total peace of mind with our Sunbrella® marine fabrics


Sunbrella fabrics are known for their excellent breathability. This means they dry quickly outdoors, thus preventing any mould from appearing. Some models are available in a design identical to Sunbrella Plus fabrics, so that you can make sure your boat awnings and other textiles match.

Sunbrella plusSunbrella plus

Sunbrella Plus

Sunbrella Plus is highly resistant to mould. And it is very easy to care for, thanks to its resin-based antifungal protective layer, which ensures a waterproof finish. It is a solution-dyed acrylic fabric available in flecked effects in a range of colours to match the rest of your boat.



The Furling is a strip of anti-UV fabric that protects the genoa from UV rays when the boat is anchored. Once rolled up, the Furling protects your sail from the sun’s rays very effectively.



Sunbrella® SeaMark is a luxurious, 100% waterproof exterior marine fabric featuring Sunbrella® canvas on the exterior face and a special Sunbrella textured marine-grade color-matched waterproof vinyl on the reverse side. The application (boat tops, winter covers, and cockpit/camper enclosures..), the main features and benefits (100% waterproof, mildew repellent and UV stable) and the conception made this product  the optimal bad-weater protection.

sunworker swk6sunworker swk6


Thanks to its perforated micro-structure, designed by Dickson-Constant, the Sunworker range lets natural light into the cockpit while filtering out the sun’s heat.
It also ensures everyone’s privacy on the boat, without affecting their ability to see outside. As it is made using the Rachel Trameur method, Sunworker fabric is extremely tear- and deformation-resistant.

sunworker swk6sunworker swk6


The strong, waterproof, rot-resistant fabrics in the Surlast range are ideal for making winter covers. As they are lightweight, they are easy to handle and store. This makes them much more convenient for the user.



The Regalite transparent vinyl sheets are pressure polished into a window material which provides years of clarity and optimum durability. They provide excellent UV protection and thanks to their technical features and their UV and bad weather resistance, they are the leading choice for sailing enthusiasts.



In addition to the Regalite features, the O’Sea vinyl has a unique coating on both sides, specially designed to provide excellent resistance to scratches, sun cream, insect repellent and kerosene, without altering the feel or compromising the flexibility of the sheet.