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Sunbrella is committed to the environment

All Sunbrella facilities are focused on minimizing waste and recycling as many materials as possible. Both production sites in Europe recycle and reuse 100% of acrylic waste. Each year, an average 280 tons of waste are recovered and this waste minimization effort will continue to grow over the years. In addition, Sunbrella anticipates the total substitution from PFAS to non-PFAS finish in production from the end of 2023, and it's starting with Heritage. 

Sunbrella Heritage fabric is woven with recycled content and designed to last

Made with repurposed Sunbrella fibres from leftover material captured in the manufacturing process, the recycled acrylic yarn displays slight variations and colour flecks throughout, adding to the unique character of the product. The Heritage range of Sunbrella is made with 50% recycled fibres for beautiful, lasting, sustainable home furnishings.

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