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Sunbrella Ameublement: a wide range of textures with a minimalist design

Sunbrella textiles are based on rich colour palettes, the latest trends and a wide range of textures. Our collections are a real source of inspiration, to help you create elegant, cosy indoor and outdoor spaces.

Textures that are both comfortable and stylish Textures that are both comfortable and stylish

Textures that are both comfortable and stylish

Sunbrella’s innovative fibres combine to make stylish yet highly comfortable textures. We have carried out in-depth research into weaving techniques so that we can create extremely soft surfaces that imitate felt and brushed wool finishes.

A rich variety of colours

Explore our extensive palette of colours, with neutral or bold tones, striking hues, warm or cold shades, and much more. Our fabrics are saturated with coloured pigments, which makes the colours stay clear and bright for years.


With our weaving technology and modern equipment, we can create repeated patterns suited to a wide range of design projects.

A rich variety of colours A rich variety of colours
Heritage Heritage

Heritage: a vintage-look range with 50% recycled fibres

The Renaissance programme has been developed in order to create a range with 50% recycled Sunbrella fibres, as part of our commitment to protecting the environment.  Bits of coloured fibres, from the raw material recycling process, can sometimes appear in the fabric, causing the colour of each batch to vary slightly.  This quirk makes this a unique fabric with a raw, vintage look.


Our team of designers can work on an exclusive project for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative for more information about this.

Unique creations

  • Reinterpretation or creation of a pattern.
  • Exclusive colours.
  • Preview with pattern and colour simulation.

Personalised design

  • Advice on which fabrics to choose to create a harmonious look that fits the purpose and the location.
  • As part of our collaborative approach, we offer you creation tools that fit your project.