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Discover all our upholstery fabrics

Odyssey and Bahia: Back to basics or an exotic adventure



This new finish has been developed with great care. The material is enhanced by a new mixed thread, guaranteeing cosy comfort and plenty of personality. Archi is extremely long-lasting and ideal for seats. Available in a palette of 6 mineral, natural colours.


This textured jacquard fabric is available in a range of 6 neutral tones. Its distressed effect with a subtle shine comes into its own in the sunlight, adding extra splendour to this iconic fabric. It is suitable for all uses.



With its more prominent grain, Deauve differs from the Natté fabric. Its discreet texture gives it a relaxed style and makes it a popular choice for upholstery. This range is made up of 7 soft colours, including a deep black and a bright white.


This three-tone fabric is inspired by menswear. Its bold structure, made up of thick, contrasting threads, is available in 7 exclusive variations. Domino can bring sophistication and style to all seats, both up close and from afar. This hard-wearing fabric is designed for all applications.



Available in 4 summery colours, this two-tone striped fabric creates a holiday atmosphere, making it ideal for sun loungers or chairs. The Foutah motif makes you want to kick back and relax, thanks to its artisanal look and Mediterranean style.


Lopi is a thick woven fabric with a round, generous knitted look. The range is made up of 7 cheerful, fresh colours and 7 neutral tones. Lopi will bring softness to your interior.



Majestic is a luxury, glamorous fabric. Its sculpted look offers both richness and depth. The duality of this fabric’s finish makes for totally refined seats and cushions. Its full drape also makes it ideal for curtains. The range includes 4 neutral tones and 4 bright, deep colours, to bring a touch of finesse to any modern décor.


The timeless, essential Natté fabric is a popular choice for upholstery. With its natural texture and elegant finish, it can be used for seats or accessories. Natté is available in a beautiful palette of 23 colours, including sumptuous neutral tones and 6 bright, new, contemporary shades.



Mezzo is a new fabric available in a palette of 11 subtle and striking tones. Its semi-plain finish’s delicate, changing colours offer a touch of audacity and modernity, whether used for curtains or seats.


This semi-plain fabric is a true classic. It is soft to the touch and perfect for outdoor furniture and accessories,  while remaining lightweight and affordable, and still offering consistent performance. This fabric is available in 6 cool, sophisticated colours.



Savane has been enriched with new, deep, colourful tones. Its beauty is highlighted by its irregular knit. Savane can adapt to any style, and is perfect for seats and accessories. This design is available in 11 colours.

Stripes et Solids

Solids are at the heart of our collection. Thanks to their varied palette of 50 colours in ottoman, flecked and piqué finishes, you can create your ideal look with these fabrics. Alongside them, there are 3 striped designs. Solids are especially robust and suitable for all applications.



Zori is inspired by a clean, minimalist look and strikes the ideal balance between tradition and innovation. Its finish is both matte and satin, and it is available in muted, iridescent colours. This subtle fabric with a full drape is perfect for seats, curtains and accessories.



Like a shadow puppet, the Ikebana motif stretches out over the whole fabric. A daring, exotic combination of contrasting colours brings this jacquard fabric with a plant pattern to life. Ikebana is available in 6 bright colours and is ideal for curtains, seats or accessories.


This jacquard fabric is inspired by braided raffia. The artisanal look of this woven textile brings an iconic pattern to life. Komo is available in 5 intense colours. It is ideal for brightening up an interior with scatter cushions.



This iconic, geometric jacquard fabric can add a bold, modern touch to your sofas and armchairs. Marquetry is available in 5 bright, vibrant colours. This pattern is fast becoming one of our most sought-after!


Heritage 50% Recycled

This upholstery fabric made of half virgin and half recycled fibres comes as part of our commitment to protecting the environment. Small remnants of coloured fibres from the recycling process are sometimes visible in the fabric, making every batch a slightly different colour. This raw look with vintage charm makes Heritage a truly unique fabric.



With its woven PVC and acrylic material for extra comfort and durability, Sling is particularly suited to outdoor upholstery. This range, available in 7 neutral colours, is enhanced by the occasional metallic glint.