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A stylish collection to elevate your windows

Every range in the Window Fabrics collection has its own unique identity and fulfils all your practical and design needs.

Create a unique lookCreate a unique look

Create a unique look

Thanks to its 300 cm format, meaning seams are kept to a minimum for a flawless finish, this collection is perfect for outdoor and indoor curtains, canopies or pergolas.

These fabrics and their different weights and opacity levels will create a unique look in each room of your home. All our models complement each other and can be mixed and matched easily, so you can let your imagination run wild. Explore the four ranges in our collection and create a world that reflects your personality.


Dare to combine classic models with more whimsical designs to create a new story for each space. The Natté and Velum ranges are made up of neutral, natural colours that make a great companion to deeper shades, like those in the new Smart and Mild lines.

 Curtains are not just about concealing things: they can also be used to separate spaces or create cosy nooks.