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Boat saddlery fabrics: discover the Sunbrella range of fabrics for seats and cushions

Create your own style with our different ranges.

From iconic marine fabrics like Natté or Solids, to the new synthetic leather Sunbrella® Horizon, our range of marine upholstery fabrics allows you to design a boat in your own image for unique and memorable sailing experiences.

Our fabrics can be used on all types of boats for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications : pilot seats, sunbathing areas, decorative cushions, as well as sofa seats and wall coverings. Create your own atmosphere with mix & match of materials and colors : soft and mottled for moments of escape or dynamic and vibrant, ranging from terracotta reds to bright yellows for moments of sharing.

Durable, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, Sunbrella fabrics withstand life on the water, as well as mold and salt residue that come with it. Enjoy every moment on the water with Sunbrella marine upholstery fabrics.


seats and cushions seats and cushions

Knit Loop

Knit Loop is a 3-dimensional fabric for irresistible softness and comfort. This new quilt-like knitted upholstery fabric will provide comfort and depth with its three-dimensional texture. Stretchy and elasticated, it perfectly fits the edges and curves of furniture, seats and cushions. Available in 7 colours, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and will bring a designer and soft touch to everywhere it’s applied.

Horizon: the combination of Capriccio and Sorrento

Horizon is the first high-performance synthetic leather range for boats from the Sunbrella® brand. With the most demanding properties for nautical use, it is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use, and can be used for both seats and cushions on boats. This revolutionary textile is available in two textures (Capriccio leather effect available in 23 colours and Sorrento textile effect available in 10 colours). Horizon offers remarkable technical quality and is guaranteed for 5 years against loss of strength or fading in normal usage and exposure conditions. The range also comes with a 3-year warranty against pink bacterial staining and mould. Thanks to its knitted design, Horizon synthetic leather offers considerable stretch in four directions. It will not lose its style, shape or elasticity.

Horizon Capriccio: the leather effect

horizon capriccio seats and cushions leather horizon capriccio seats and cushions leather

Available in a wide range of colours, from the most natural to the boldest, the Capriccio range will be the perfect ally to bring colour to your boats, either in small adjustments in the manufacturing details or in a stronger fashion for a sportier style. Thanks to its four-way strength, it will not lose its style, shape or elasticity. It goes perfectly with the Horizon Sorrento range.

Horizon Sorrento: the textile effect

horizon sorrento seats and cushions textile horizon sorrento seats and cushions textile

The Sorrento range
, available in natural colours, is embossing on synthetic leather which gives it the texture and look of woven textile, with incomparable grain and depth. Thanks to its four-way strength, it will not lose its style, shape or elasticity. Combined with the Capriccio range, Horizon Sorrento will bring originality to your boats for an even more sophisticated result. 


Timeless stripes that add a dash of classic chic to the range. For a touch of modernity, mix and match these fabrics with the new jacquard models.


The weave and grain add plenty of texture to this fabric. Natté is a sophisticated combination of an authentic material and subtle colours, making it ideal for timeless furniture.

marquetry marquetry

Bahia and Odyssey, the Sunbrella furniture collections for even more design

To give your boat's interior and exterior spaces a real personality, be inspired by our Sunbrella fabrics, which offer unique technical performances that certify quality, durability and ease of maintenance to enhance your boat.