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marine fabric refittingmarine fabric refitting

Marine fabric refitting

For all types of boats, marine fabric refitting, i.e. replacing your boat's saddlery, is a project in itself.

Whether it's to prepare for winter or to give your boat a new lease on life, refitting is a good opportunity to discover the specifications of Sunbrella nautical fabrics and the network of expert Sunbrella saddlers (Sunbrella Marine Partners) who are renowned for their know-how.

What are the key elements to take into account when choosing marine fabrics?

Nautical fabrics are exposed to extreme conditions such as sun, rain, humidity, salt, chlorine etc. so when refitting you need textiles designed to meet the hazards of weather conditions and life on board.

Sunbrella guarantees durable, versatile and aesthetic textiles to protect and enhance your boat.

Made from solution-dyed acrylic fabric Sunbrella fabrics are mould, UV and fade resistant, they maintain their bright colours even under intense exposure to marine environments and have a 5-10-year guarantee depending on their qualities.

The upholstery range consists of soft touch fabrics and are an excellent choice for cushions and boat saddlery. The fabrics for boat and crew protection are highly breathable for comfort on board and quick-drying to prevent micro-organisms from forming.

Durable, comfortable and easy to care for!

Sunbrella fabrics are easy to care for and let you really enjoy every moment on the water. A stain? Mould appeared? All nautical fabrics can be very easily cleaned and cared for using clear or soapy water or even diluted with bleach - depending on the stain - and a soft brush.

marine fabric key elementsmarine fabric key elements
marine fabric patternsmarine fabric patterns

Design: which pattern to choose for your marine fabrics

Durability and ease of maintenance are important features, but design should not be overlooked.

The Sunbrella Marine collection has more than 200 items and offers great freedom in combining textures and colours to create a coherent look between the different textile areas of the boat, which is comfortable and to your taste.

You will find elements in bright colours or, on the other hand, more conventional, more neutral tones. The Heritage range* from Sunbrella, for example, is based on vintage tones. It will suit boaters looking for a raw look for their vessel.

*Good to know: an environmentally friendly range. This upholstery fabric made of half virgin and half recycled fibres shows our commitment to protecting the environment.

Finding a marine fabric: who to contact

Refitting your boat's saddlery is a technical procedure so it's advisable to rely on a specialist who masters the materials and technical constraints.

Thanks to a network of recognised expert artisans, the Sunbrella Marine Partners present throughout Europe - from the United Kingdom to Turkey - Sunbrella provides a trusted and quality service to accompany and advise you in your renovation or maintenance project. Click here to find the Sunbrella Marine Partner closest to your home or the place where your boat is anchored and benefit from their expertise.