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How to care for your Sunbrella protective fabrics

We offer stylish, comfortable fabrics that are highly resistant to the extreme conditions of the marine environment. All our ranges of indoor and outdoor textiles have been treated to ensure optimal stain resistance, colour stability and longevity. As they are remarkably easy to care for, you can concentrate on having fun at sea!



One of the best ways of keeping Sunbrella® fabrics in perfect condition and putting off a deep clean is to give them a once over with a pressure washer or a soft brush (like a clothes brush) every month. This will remove any surface dirt before it seeps into the fabric.

Which are the best products for caring for your fabric?

Outdoor fabrics are waterproofed during the manufacturing process with a fluorocarbon treatment. This makes them resistant to water and various kinds of dirt (dust, plant particles, oily marks, etc.) and prevents mould from forming. Over time, this treatment can become less effective. This is why outdoor fabrics must be cleaned and treated regularly. These maintenance tasks keep your fabrics in excellent condition and help them to last longer! Depending on how clogged up the fabric is, Tex’Aktiv can recover up to 80% of its original condition.



How to clean your Sunbrella® fabrics:

Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with bleach if a stubborn stain appears, unlike many other textiles and materials. Before cleaning, try to protect all other materials nearby.

If you are using bleach, try to collect your used water, as it can be harmful if it comes into contact with flora and fauna.