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Expert answers on upholstery fabrics


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What material are Sunbrella fabrics made of?

Sunbrella fabrics are made from solution-dyed acrylic fibre. The colour is at the very core of the fibre, which gives it the durability we know it for.

Are Sunbrella fabrics Made in Europe?

Our fabrics are created by our R&D teams and the Dickson Design Studio at the company's French headquarters in Wasquehal. Next, they are woven in one of our two production factories in Wasquehal and Hordain in France, from where they are also shipped.

What is the width of Sunbrella fabrics?

The width of our fabrics depends on the quality chosen. For upholstery fabrics, we generally use a width of 137cm or 140cm. Windows fabrics are wider and usually 300cm wide.

What applications can you use Sunbrella fabrics for?

Sunbrella fabrics can be used to cover sofas, sun loungers, cushions, chairs and footstools (seats) for indoor and outdoor use. You can also make curtains and sheer fabrics for windows and pergolas with the Windows range.

Are Sunbrella fabrics fade resistant?

Sunbrella fabrics are designed for indoor and outdoor use. They are woven from ATM threads and are weather, UV ray and abrasion resistant.

Are Sunbrella fabrics flame retardant?

No, Sunbrella fabrics are not M1. However, they are flame retardant (NF EN 1021-1, BS 5852 part 1, CAL 117, NFPA 260).

How do I clean Sunbrella fabrics?

Sunbrella fabrics are very easy to care for and are known for their stain-resistant performance. One of the best ways to preserve fabrics is to clean them quickly before liquids or stains set in. You will find all our care tips here.

However, some sound advice is helpful in order to preserve the shine of these coverings when you have a ketchup stain or split coffee.

Are Sunbrella fabrics soft and comfortable?

Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, Sunbrella fabrics are nonetheless soft to the touch and comfortable: essential criteria that our teams constantly take into consideration in their development.

Are Sunbrella fabrics rot-proof?

Yes, the solution-dyed acrylic used to produce our fabrics is rot-proof, unlike natural fibres such as cotton. However, regular cleaning of the fabric is recommended, to avoid surface mould.

ow long are Sunbrella fabrics guaranteed for?

Sunbrella fabrics have long-lasting performance and benefit from a 5-year warranty. Our philosophy is buy quality and keep it for a long time!

Are Sunbrella fabrics good for me and the environment?

We are Greenguard and OEKO TEX certified which means our fabrics help to create a healthy indoor environment in terms of chemical emissions and are produced without hazardous substances that may pose a danger to health, skin or the environment.

Are there any recycled fabrics?

Yes, in an effort to recycle our work-in-process waste, we have developed the Renaissance programme and the Heritage range. This involves recovering textile offcuts from manufacturing machines, splitting them into colour groups and reducing them back to fibre. These new fibres are then mixed with Sunbrella virgin fibres before being reused in the manufacture of a new fabric in the Heritage range. The threads in this recycled range contain up to 50% recycled fibres.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is one roll. However, we can force an order for a smaller quantity for a surcharge.