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The shade sail: a unique, on-trend alternative to an awning

The shade sail is the elegant, contemporary solar protection solution for terraces, balconies, patios, swimming pools, car parks, play areas… This sleek, lightweight shade, just like a boat sail, will protect you from harmful UV rays and the heat, while shaping or enhancing your home's look.

Where to install your shade sailWhere to install your shade sail

Where to install your shade sail

Unlike the traditional folding-arm awning, the shade sail is suitable for narrow, compact, or even very large spaces, and does not need to be fixed to a wall. If you decide to fix part of your shade sail to a wall, it will be attached using poles and wall fixings. If there is no wall to attach the shade sail to, you will only choose wooden, steel or aluminium poles.

Which shade sail to choose

Rectangular, triangular, square, hexagonal, octagonal… Shade sails come in all sorts of formats and will adapt to your space issues and the area to be protected. They are made up of fabric and stainless steel pieces and fasteners, which makes them resistant to corrosion.

Which shade sail to chooseWhich shade sail to choose
Tips for your shade sailTips for your shade sail

Tips for your shade sail

For your shade sail, we recommend:

  • Infinity: A premium, wide fabric (165-200-250-320 cm) with reinforced dimensional stability, for perfect tension stretched in any direction.
  • Orchestra: The biggest range on the market, with 173 possible choices, 113 of which are plain colours.
  • Max: The ultra-waterproof fabric.