An ideal Dickson awning fabric for terraces

Designer awning fabrics to enhance your building exteriors

Dickson® awning fabrics are designed to meet a complete range of needs. Our fabrics comply with outdoor standards based on quality manufacturing processes and materials. Designed for use in homes and businesses, our innovative designer fabrics adapt to any space.

Are you a homeowner? Do you enjoy entertaining guests and relaxing outside? Dickson® awning fabrics are for you. Turn your terrace into a new living space for great times with friends and family.

Give your restaurant, café, hotel or store a unique look and offer customers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in complete comfort all year round.

Highly effective fabrics for all sun protection needs

Dickson® awning fabrics provide effective protection from UV rays and heat. Thanks to their unique coating, these fabrics are water-resistant and protect awnings from the elements by preventing water and dirt penetration. The ideal complement to exceptional spaces in cities, the countryside or at sea, they protect from natural hazards such as pollution, stains, sun damage and mold. These fabrics are suited to folding-arm, drop-arm and fixed awnings, Dutch canopies, outdoor velums, pergolas, veranda blinds and shade sails.  Available in several sizes, they can be used to customize spaces for outstanding results.

Timeless and designer fabric ranges

Dickson® designs the widest and most creative collections in the technical textile sector. Our teams identify and analyze trends, work on patterns and colors, and then check the technical feasibility of each design. All in all, a new collection takes a year to design. Thanks to our collections, the awning is more than ever an essential home upholstery accessory.  It provides a targeted response to individual style, decoration and design needs.

Product performance

UV resistant

Tear resistant

Protection against UV rays

Protection against heat

Mold resistant

Easy maintenance

Water and stain resistant

Made in France

Solution dyed acrylic

10 years warranty

Dickson® Designer: the awning simulation app to suit your style

Known for its innovative textiles, Dickson® has applied its creative approach to the digital world with the multi-media 3D simulator for awning design. The simulator gives an ultra-realistic vision of the fabric integrated into its environment, right down to the shade generated on the terrace, in three minutes.

Examples of projects

Building Paris- France

Dickson fabric used for drop-arm awnings on a building in Paris

Store Paris- France

Dickson Orchestra fabrics fitted to store-front drop-arm awnings