A pergola fitted with Dickson fabrics

Dickson® Pergola fabrics: design and performance

Based on our expertise and research, we have combined, in a single collection, thermal, visual and acoustic comfort, waterproofness, resistance and dimensional stability. Thanks to the properties of Dickson® fabrics, you can now use your pergola whatever the season.

From roofs to closures, a comprehensive solution for pergolas

We have selected the best of our products and developed in parallel specific fabrics for new uses to create a coherent, comprehensive and innovative collection. From tensioned fabrics to velums, curtains, blinds and zips, this collection is shaping the future of the pergola.

A new approach to comfort and elegance

The lightness of our fabrics, their textures and colors soften and enhance the pergolas they adorn. Create luxurious, unique spaces using a wide combination of colors, patterns and materials. In the future, the pergola will be a personalized space where comfort reigns: more intimate, delicate and beautiful.

Product performance

UV resistant

Tear resistant

Protection against UV rays

Mold resistant

Easy maintenance

Water and stain resistant

Made in France

Solution dyed acrylic

5 years warranty

Examples of projects

Park Hyatt - Singapour

Patrick Bingham Hall used Sunvision to decorate the patios of the Park Royal Hotel in Singapore

Restaurant - France

Dickson tensioned fabrics are ideal for restaurant terraces