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Vinyl Rug Eclipse Spa Allure J539/Allure J515


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Formed from an interlocking disk and half-disk, this composition captures a rare and fleating phenomenon: the eclipse

Composition: Woven top side : polyester filament (17.7%) coated with PVC (82.3%)
Finish: Acoustic foam - fibreglass layer - Very high density foam - Non Phtalate - Non slippery non woven backing
Thickness: 4.00 mm
Use classification: 33 heavy commercial
Dimensions: 255 X 350 cm
This product's values may vary with a tolerance of ± 5%
Stain resistant image
Stain resistant
Abrasion Resistant image
Abrasion Resistant
Easy care image
Easy care
Phtalate Free image
Phtalate Free
Waterproof image
Non slip surface image
Non slip surface
Colourfast image
Use classification 33 - Heavy commercial image
Use classification 33 - Heavy commercial

DICKSON CONSTANT provides a three (3) year warranty starting from the date of purchase shown on the receipt, on all rugs in the Dickson Woven Rugs collection, covering manufacturing defects.

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Floor score
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3 years warranty

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