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Rugs with unrivalled performance

A collection for the most demanding environmentsA collection for the most demanding environments

A collection for the most demanding environments

The Dickson collection of rugs and mats, developed for the most demanding public environments, is a real technical innovation.

Dickson® woven vinyl rugs are particularly suitable for places open to the public, as they are strong, comfortable, easy to care for and stylish. They are wear-resistant and equipped with an anti-slip layer underneath. Even when used outside, their colours stay vibrant. What’s more, they are stain-resistant and easy to care for, thanks to their varnished surface.

3-year guarantee3-year guarantee


3-year guarantee




Stain resistanceStain resistance


Stain resistance

Wear resistanceWear resistance


Wear resistance

Water resistanceWater resistance


Water resistance

Low maintenanceLow maintenance


Low maintenance